Thursday, November 26, 2009

Csquare Learnings-Student Feedback-GMAT Score 740

Komal 740 [M-50, V -38]

Thanks for all your wishes. I am glad to receive such a good score.
This would have not been possible without the direction and guidance I received at CSquare. Special thanks to Kalyan and Csquare Learnings for guiding me all through this long journey of GMAT and for showing tremendous confidence in my abilities. As you know, this is my third attempt @ GMAT. Without Csqrl, a score of 700+ would have only remained in my dreams considering the fact that I am just an average guy (in fact, below average on verbal before coming over to CSquare).

I think most of you would have already gone through my earlier debrief. So, in this debrief, I would specifically focus on what I did different since my last attempt (with a score of 690 on Aug 30, 2007)

Applying the time saving technique for CR

When I analyzed what went wrong in my previous attempt, I found that I used to exhaust lot of energy in solving CR questions. As such, there was no problem with accuracy. On an average, I used to take 2.5 to 3 minute for CRs. I used to think/understand each and every choice before eliminating. This in turn affected my RC. So I realized that there is definitely some problem with the way I am attacking CR.At this moment, Csquare helped me in fine tuning my approach and technique for CR. Based on his observation of my workouts, they suggested the corrective actions. The corrective action is that not to think much or understand about each choice for CR but rather eliminate based on a single word that falls outside the scope. That made a difference. I could solve CRs mechanically. The time saved from CRs helped me further in RCs.

Noting down ABCDE on the scratch pad

In my earlier attempt, I used to note down ABCDE and strike each one OFF as and when I solve each question. This time, I have written ABCDE on the scratch pad during AWA section of the exam. This saved 3 minutes for my VERBAL section.The other difference is

This time, I have gone to the exam with a lot more positive frame of mind treating this third attempt as just an experimental (I just told to myself that I have some decent score -690- already to rely on. So I am not going to lose anything even if I score less)

*Few general suggestions that might be helpful*

These are some of the things that are inculcated as differentiators in the course @ CSquare. But I would like to specifically stress upon. I see these as the success factors for achieving high score at GMAT (especially for an average person like me).
1. Direction is very important. Doing hard work without proper direction will only be in vain. I have gone thru that painful experience before joining CSquare. I learnt this in a hard way.

2. Approach and strategy/techniques make a lot of difference to score more than the concepts. We need to know our enemy and hit it right.

3. It is a myth to assume that good grammar and good reading habits are necessary for a 80% verbal score.

4. Be open and be ready to unlearn your earlier techniques (in case you have done some preparation already before coming to CSquare).

5. Be patient. Any new technique requires some good amount of practice before we see the result. Give your 100%. I strongly believe that the techniques that are taught at CSquare are developed after closely understanding the enemy. My experience is that these techniques actually work very well in the exam (more than on the practice questions).

6.Be ready for the humility. You may see the worst of the enemy during the actual exam. Be prepared. Don't get panic. Be composed.

Hope this helps. If you have any further queries, please mail me. I will be happy to share my experience.