Thursday, November 26, 2009

Csquare Learnings-Student Feedback-GMAT Score 710

Sourabh 710 [M - 50, V – 35]

I gave my GMAT recently and scored a 710. (M 50, V 35) Here is my experience of the whole journey.

I met Kalyan at Csquare Learnings in mid January and after meeting him I was totally convinced that I'm joining them for my GMAT preparation. I started the classes in the end of January and was done with my GMAT by May. Similar to most of the people, my weak area was Verbal specially Sentence Correction and RC.

Thanks to Csquare, by the end of the course, RC became my strength and I could answer SC questions with greater accuracy. Following Csquare Trainer's advice, I only focused on OG 11 and OG 10. Once I was done with them, I revised OG 10 and 11 two more times. I always believed that Math is my strength and focused more on Verbal. But Rashmi made me realize that every mark in Math is important and can make the difference in the final score. A score of M 47 and V 35 could have made my overall score slip below 700. Thanks to Rashmi for making me realize the importance of Math and teaching me like a strict school teacher.

I kept on giving GMAT Prep in every 3 weeks time to track my progress. My GMAT Prep Scores were 640, 710, 680 and 740.

A week before my exam date , my trainer gave me the AWA template and I studied that template for sometime before giving my last GMAT Prep with AWA to get a feel of a 4+ hr test.

Test Day

AWA: Following Csquare's advice, I made sure that I swift through the AWA without getting on my nerves.

I found Math more difficult than normal GMAT Prep test. After first 3-4 questions I realized that I'm taking too much time on the difficult questions. I realized that those might be the dummy questions and are just coming up to exhaust me. I skipped 2-3 very difficult questions that came at in between and were taking more than 1.5 mins to solve. But some how in the end I was getting a little nervous about the difficulty level of Math. At the end I though I will score around 47 in math and with 750 being my target, I needed 50 + in Math.

I made up my mind that I have to perform well in Verbal for a score above 700. I relaxed myself during the break and asked myself not to think about Math. I found Verbal comparatively easy than Math. I followed all the strategies told by Kalyan (of csqrl) and I never allowed any question to bring me down. RC's were my strength and I found them quite easy. For the first time in 3 months, I finished my Verbal Section with 5 mins to spare.Score Time
I was praying to see a "7" as the first digit of my score. I didn’t care about the last 2 digits. To my surprise I scored a 710 with 50 in Math and 35 in Verbal. I expected more in my verbal. But anyways, as far as I crossed 700 it's ok .

My advice to all
- Follow
Csqrl 100 %
- Don’t take Math lightly, Follow
csqrl's advice on Math 100% :-)
- Don’t get nervous by difficult questions, they are part of the game.