Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Csquare Learnings-Student Feedback-GMAT score 750

Gautam 750 [M - 47, V - 45]

" GMAT is a game. It isn't about math skills or knowledge of grammar. It's a combination of time management, intelligent guessing, mentally moving past short-term failures on individual questions and an attitude that you can and will crack this test.

Csquare Learnings teaches you exactly those skills in their course. The first time I took the GMAT, I got a respectable score (690), but I felt I could do better.The problem,
ofcourse, is that it's a lot easier to raise a low score than a reasonable one.

Csquare puts you through a program that makes you look at a GMAT problem and quickly zero in on the most probable answer. You learn how to rapidly diagram a problem so that you realize what information you need - the entire basis of data sufficiency.The assigned homework is structured in such a way that applying the basic concepts the GMAT tests becomes second nature. The trainers at Csqrl always impress upon you that you are your own worst enemy when it comes to the GMAT; that the problems really aren't hard, and that the worst thing you can do when faced with a question you can't immediately deconstruct is to let it prey on your mind through the next few questions. I took the test again after spending about a month with Csquare and boosted my score to a 750."