Thursday, November 26, 2009

Csquare Learnings-Student Feedback-GMAT Score 710

Naveenth 710 [M - 48, V - 40]

I would like to thank Kalyan, Rashmi and Csquare Learnings for your support and wishes. That I got 710, somehow still didn’t sink into me. This being my second attempt, I was frantic to get above 700 and good that I did. In the first attempt I made a 680, and as Rashmi always told me, that’s the worst score anyone can get. One would never be sure to give another attempt though he/she may not be satisfied with the score. I decided to give it another go and with one and a half months from the first attempt I gave my second GMAT. And the rest as they say is history :)

Though I would like to say that my preparations paid off and I had quite some good luck on that day, I did meet with a glitch. By the time I could finish answering the last question in the Math section, my time expired. And as there is a penalty for the not completing in time, I was extremely disappointed that my score would turn out to be bad in Quant. I almost lost hope, got uninterested and lost all my mental energy -- all symptoms of pessimism. I took the whole time off in the break to somehow console myself and face the next section, i.e. verbal. As they say, even if you fail, fail with honor, I mustered enough strength to face verbal, and the efforts paid off. Quite dramatic, but then made a real difference. Thanks to the experiences of all the other students that came along with the coaching in Csquare Learnings.