Thursday, November 26, 2009

Csquare Learnings-Student Feedback-GMAT Score 710

Jyoti Malik 710 [M - 49, V - 40]

I joined Kalyan in March end and gave my test in end July. My diagnostic score was 620(39/37) and finally I managed a 710 (Q49/ V40). Especially for non techies like me, I would say that the Quant strategies really help.

My experience on both sections is as below:
I found the questions okay but went a little slow rechecking my calculations as this is where I used to make the max mistakes. I missed out answering the last 37th QS in quant, which can be unnerving, as it had never happened in any of the diagnostics. I did not find any repeat QS from OG 10, but the pattern is fairly similar. Among the new ones, I found probability QS in data sufficiency but it was fairly simple.

Again verbal section was pretty okay except for first RC which was on a science related topic with lot of specific info, whereas I was trying to recover from the shock of leaving one QS unanswered in quant and keeping calm. Surprisingly, I did not get a single Idiom in sentence correction but plenty of modifiers and parallelism.

I thank Kalyan , Rashmi and Csquare Learnings for guiding me so well with my GMAT prep and for the best prep guidance that I could get. The prep material and strategies are more than sufficient for preparing and the two things required to crack this exam are just practice and confidence & I have got a lot of help on both from CsquareL.

I wish the rest all the best for their test and apps.