Thursday, November 26, 2009

Csquare Learnings-Student Feedback-GMAT Score 710

Trivikram Prasad 710 [M - 42, V - 43]

Being out of academics for over 13 years, I was finding it very challenging to study for the GMAT. Kalyan and Csquare made the whole experience of preparation and training effortless and systematic. I admired their persistence and their energy to ensure I did my homework assignments on time.

They identify the weak areas of each student and focus really hard on them. For example, before joining Csqrl I was really struggling with SC and RC. I felt SC was like an ocean and unless I read all the grammar concepts, it was impossible to do well in SC. As for RC, I found it boring and difficult. Csquare really helped me with these two weak areas. Moreover, Csqrl made Reading Comprehension a breeze and I completely lost the fear of answering this section, rather, I looked forward to answering RC questions.

With his expertise on the GMAT, Kalyan and Csquare made my life easier on SC by guiding me on what was important from GMAT point view and was not with respect to SC. His approach to SC not only increased my accuracy but also my speed. On RC, his strategy is unique and it works if one has an open mind and the patience to follow exactly what he says. He made RC interesting and easy for me. I can say this with confidence because I did really well on RC in the actual GMAT.

The Csquare Trainers have superb teaching and coaching skills and teach you exactly what you need to do well in the GMAT. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high GMAT score.