Saturday, February 27, 2016

SENTENCE Correction for GMAT with Csquare Learnings-GMAT Training Center

Sentence Correction on GMAT comes with a lot of burden…lots of rules to learn. With the maximum number of Questions (15-17 Q’s) hailing from this section…test takers have no choice but to spend a lot of time mastering this section.Csquare Learnings-a pioneer GMAT Training Center (Bangalore & Hyderabad) is obliged to share few Sentence Correction (SC) tips with all the GMAT aspirants.

1)      Read LESS  a  Score MORE
We often read the Q multiple times in order to understand the sentence. Remember GMAT is testing your correction abilities and not understanding of the concept.Csquare Learnings through its Classroom & Online sessions emphasizes on “Reading the SC Question only once, NOT to understand” .Emphasize more on the answer choices, in order to find the correct answer and score higher.

2)      TOP-Down Approach
We tend to read each answer choice at once to understand and eliminate.Remember understanding the answer choice is not important than finding the difference between each answer choices.Csquare Strategy emphasizes on doing a VERTICAL COMPARISON of your answer choices (Move your eyes from top to bottom and NOT left to Right).This helps you clearly differentiate each choice from the other, to choose the comparatively BEST.

3)      WRONG is GOOD.
Do not try to find the correct option, always try to find a flaw and identify Wrong Answer choices in order to eliminate them. Wrong Answer choices help you arrive at the correct answer. Hence WRONG is GOOD: P

4)       GMAT Minus GRAMMAR
A common myth is SC needs you to learn vast and time consuming English grammar.Actually SC on GMAT is based on 35-40 rules. Make sure you learn the APT rules to avoid pressurizing your mind with too much information.For example:“We believe that Grammar is an integral part of SC” .This sentence looks and sounds perfect. Whereas this is wrong on GMAT.‘Believe that’ is a wrong idiom…To avail the list of correct Idioms...Contact Csquare Learnings -080 - 41107478

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

GRE article by Bloomberg - 124% Increase in the number of people in India who took the GRE

Once upon a time, the only way for prospective MBAs to have a shot at a business degree was to take the Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT. It didn’t matter which business school you wound up in: To get there you had to, among other requirements, pay the test fee to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which owns the exam, and answer quantitative questions like “If r•s≠0, then what is the value of r/s + s/r?”
Then, nine years ago, business school applicants around the world started taking the Graduate Record Examinations, a test traditionally used for nonprofessional graduate degree programs—such as a master of arts or international affairs—and administered by the Educational Testing Service. From 1954 to 2006, ETS was also under contract to run the GMAT. In 2006, after the contract came up for renewal, GMAC turned the test over to Pearson, an educational publisher, and ACT, which runs a standardized test for high school students applying to college.
The GMATs had been a lucrative enterprise: News reports at the time said the Pearson-ACT contract was worth $200 million over seven years. In 2013, GMAC took in about $80.5 million in test fees from roughly 200,000 test takers, according to IRS filings.
After losing the contract, ETS started marketing the GREs, which it has administered since 1949, to business schools as a more flexible, accessible, and less expensive alternative to the GMATs. The GRE costs $195, compared with the $250 GMAT. It’s offered both as a paper-based exam and on a computer; the GMAT is taken only on a computer. The GRE is appealing to people who want to apply to MBA programs and other graduate programs, says David Payne, vice president and chief operating officer for global education at ETS.
ETS’s efforts seem to be paying off: 29 of 30 top U.S. business schools ranked byBloomberg Businessweek, including Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia, now accept the GRE. In 2014 the number of GRE test takers globally rose 3 percent from the year before and 12 percent from five years earlier, according to ETS. The growth is largely attributable to the number of foreign applicants, especially from Asia, hoping to study at U.S. business schools, the test service says. From 2009 to 2013 the number of people taking the exam increased 124 percent in India and 44 percent in China, according to ETS data. “We’re seeing massive growth in the middle class in India and China, and more people who have the financial means to support graduate education,” says Payne.
The test also is making gains in Europe, where ETS has sent outreach teams to try to persuade more business schools to accept it. According to Christine Betaneli, senior director of public relations at ETS, 92 MBA programs in Europe now accept the GRE.
Still, only 1 in 10 applicants at U.S. business schools submits the GRE instead of the GMAT, according to a survey of U.S. admissions officers conducted by Kaplan Test Prep. The number of GREs administered in the U.S. fell from 445,135 in 2009 to 422,668 in 2013, a drop of 5 percent.
GMAC officials say the market for the GMAT remains strong. “For those who are serious about seeking a business career that starts with a business education, the GMAT is still the gold standard,” says Rich D’Amato, vice president for global communications at GMAC.
Business schools aren’t pushing one test over the other. “We’ve said for a while now that not only do we accept both tests, but we are agnostic about our preference,” Dee Leopold, managing director for MBA admissions at Harvard Business School, said last fall.
ETS officials are optimistic about the GRE’s future among budding MBAs. “We’ve been having great success in positioning the GRE for applications to business school programs, particularly MBA programs,” says Payne. The company continues to push its marketing efforts, especially abroad. “The need for advanced degrees is only going to continue to grow,” Payne says, “both in the U.S. and the rest of the world.”
The bottom line: The GRE is drawing a growing number of business school prospects in Asia who want to study in the U.S.

Friday, December 18, 2015

GMAT student Review on Csquare Learnings

Thanks CSQRL folks. Those who are currently pursuing your preparation with CSQRL, I would advise you follow what the faculty says religiously and you should see the results. Off course you will have to practice :-)

My GMAT experience has been an interesting and tedious one. I wrote first on Aug 4th and when I think in retrospective I was a lot more prepared that day, but it was just one of those bad days!!

The first thing I did coming out of the GMAT center was that I booked a GMAT date :-) i.e. on 14th Sep at Hyderabad!! And all those days in between I punished myself by not going out, did not party a single night, no movies ... So yeah since my preparation didn’t help the GMAT devta in the first go at least he [I guess it is a male; Females are not this rude and cruel normally] accepted my sacrifice of fun and finally now I can put the yellow color OG out of my bedroom!!

So, to the cut the long short, make your first attempt count. If you are scoring in 670-720 reason, put that extra bit of effort in practicing all OGs and stuff cause believe me 2nd attempt sucks!!

A Note:  Do work out a few hexagon area problems. I mean only knowing the area of a regular hexagon will help. I got this problem in the first attempt, and I am such an a** that I did not bother to look up the formula before the second attempt as well, and well you guessed it ryt, got a simillar kinda problem in GMAT-!!

 At the end just wana thank my trainers and CSQRL for all the support and motivation.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Aspiring Business School Applicants Increasingly Use GRE® Scores

Students around the world looking to earn their MBA or specialized master’s degree in business are increasingly turning to the GRE® program. Our GRE students enrollment data suggests the same at koramangala Center , Bangalore.  Below are the details as provided by