Saturday, February 27, 2016

SENTENCE Correction for GMAT with Csquare Learnings-GMAT Training Center

Sentence Correction on GMAT comes with a lot of burden…lots of rules to learn. With the maximum number of Questions (15-17 Q’s) hailing from this section…test takers have no choice but to spend a lot of time mastering this section.Csquare Learnings-a pioneer GMAT Training Center (Bangalore & Hyderabad) is obliged to share few Sentence Correction (SC) tips with all the GMAT aspirants.

1)      Read LESS  a  Score MORE
We often read the Q multiple times in order to understand the sentence. Remember GMAT is testing your correction abilities and not understanding of the concept.Csquare Learnings through its Classroom & Online sessions emphasizes on “Reading the SC Question only once, NOT to understand” .Emphasize more on the answer choices, in order to find the correct answer and score higher.

2)      TOP-Down Approach
We tend to read each answer choice at once to understand and eliminate.Remember understanding the answer choice is not important than finding the difference between each answer choices.Csquare Strategy emphasizes on doing a VERTICAL COMPARISON of your answer choices (Move your eyes from top to bottom and NOT left to Right).This helps you clearly differentiate each choice from the other, to choose the comparatively BEST.

3)      WRONG is GOOD.
Do not try to find the correct option, always try to find a flaw and identify Wrong Answer choices in order to eliminate them. Wrong Answer choices help you arrive at the correct answer. Hence WRONG is GOOD: P

4)       GMAT Minus GRAMMAR
A common myth is SC needs you to learn vast and time consuming English grammar.Actually SC on GMAT is based on 35-40 rules. Make sure you learn the APT rules to avoid pressurizing your mind with too much information.For example:“We believe that Grammar is an integral part of SC” .This sentence looks and sounds perfect. Whereas this is wrong on GMAT.‘Believe that’ is a wrong idiom…To avail the list of correct Idioms...Contact Csquare Learnings -080 - 41107478