Friday, May 28, 2010

ISB student from Csquare Learnings(GMAT Training Institute)-Ashwin Krishna

Ashwin Krishna ISB Co 2011

I found that GMAT preparation is a different ballgame and I didn’t want to join yet-another-institute who specializes in CAT coaching and “claims” to provide mentoring for GMAT!

I did a lot of research on institutes who are catering GMAT coaching. As a reality check I visited Csquare, Jamboree and TIME. Unarguably, the energy level, which I saw in Csquare was indomitable. I loved the passion in Rashmi, the way she answered my questions and the way she directed me for my GMAT dream. I was a lost kid not knowing my way forward for cracking GMAT. Rashmi’s mentoring was indeed a “ray of hope” for me. I went ahead with the intuition of “First impression is best impression” and I am happy to say that taking up Csqaure is one of the best decisions of my life.

Moreover, I got an amazing feedback from Csquare alumni – Niara Ahmed ( who is student at ISB Co 2010 and Amit. )

Thus, being a rational human being I cherry picked Csquare among the mediocre rest!

Csquare is Certainly the master in GMAT Preparation.

Sometime during august 2009: My entrepreneurial journey needed a big leap and MBA was the best way forward. I spent 4 full years to decide about my GMAT journey. I was exhausted… Csquare was the booster, which empowered my entrepreneurial journey by helping me to tame the GMAT bull.

Empowering GMAT dreams

§ Right from Day 1 when I met Rashmi, there was lots of “positive energy” around. I strongly feel this seeded confidence in me to crack GMAT.

§ The strong foundations laid in the class helped me to understand the basics and mend my mistakes.

§ The repeated, exhaustive practice tests empowered me to get rid of “fear of committing silly mistakes in objective-type exam”.

§ The techniques taught were undoubtedly simple, whacky and effective. Unarguably, these techniques helped me to optimize time in GMAT.

§ There was string focus on “Individual development”. It was indeed great to be in a small batch of 10.

§ Test Taking Strategies made me to think and perceive GMAT is ridiculously easy.

Empowering Admissions dreams

§ Hours of 1-1 classes on admissions was impeccable. Those sessions not only gave me a headstart to applications process but also guided me to the right path for ISB. Even though I had a great profile, I wasn’t clear how to sell my USP. Vinitha & her admissions team at Csquare did a commendable job by analyzing my profile and mentoring me at every stage till I landed at ISB.

Empowering my Life

§ The eclectic Csquare students and the “GMAT ecosystem” at Csquare indeed brought a new “me” in me.

§ I have not only made some of the best friends of life through Csquare but also carry the same positive energy, which I have evidently seen in whole of Csquare family!

I am strongly inclined to giving back to the system. I will spend substantial amount of time in sharing my knowledge about essay writing and admissions to Csquare students. My extensive knowledge of essays and admissions that I gained through Csquare Admissions team, will be put to best use in Csquare! I will be more than happy to give sessions on “How to get into ISB”.

Before I finish my stint in ISB, I will write a research report on “Market potential for GMAT coaching in India”, which will be exclusively presented for Csquare. I feel it’s a nice way to say “thank you” for folks who helped me realize my dream of “cracking GMAT conundrum”.

I would like to be a good-will ambassador of Csquare and help in all fronts for marketing Csquare.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Csquare Learnings welcome's all the woman MBA aspirants!!!

Today our women have a great part to play in the progress of humanity. The role of women in society is a measuring rod and true index of its civilization and cultural attainment. Thus their education plays a pivotal role in the society leading to participation of women in various fields of work. In the modern era various top B schools offer the best and the most flexible programs to intelligent, business-savvy women by supporting female faculty, by sponsoring the course fees, and encouraging the development of social and professional organizations that cater to female student interests. These endeavors have led to an increase in the percentage of female candidates which averages at 35% for the top 15 B Schools. However this figure still remains low.

We at Csquare want to reach out to as many women as possible and foster their growth in the MBA world. Hence we are proud to announce that we offer special GMAT course preparation discounts of 20%to women candidates and help them connect to women centered B schools such as HEC- Paris, Stanford to name a few. This is an endeavor not only to help the women but also contribute towards the society and its growth. We hope that our efforts will promote many more female candidates to make the best use of the opportunities and encourage them to pursue their Dreams.

Hurry up and reach your dreams ! What more you are waiting for???

Offer valid till this month end.


Csquare Learnings Team