Friday, May 28, 2010

ISB student from Csquare Learnings(GMAT Training Institute)-Ashwin Krishna

Ashwin Krishna ISB Co 2011

I found that GMAT preparation is a different ballgame and I didn’t want to join yet-another-institute who specializes in CAT coaching and “claims” to provide mentoring for GMAT!

I did a lot of research on institutes who are catering GMAT coaching. As a reality check I visited Csquare, Jamboree and TIME. Unarguably, the energy level, which I saw in Csquare was indomitable. I loved the passion in Rashmi, the way she answered my questions and the way she directed me for my GMAT dream. I was a lost kid not knowing my way forward for cracking GMAT. Rashmi’s mentoring was indeed a “ray of hope” for me. I went ahead with the intuition of “First impression is best impression” and I am happy to say that taking up Csqaure is one of the best decisions of my life.

Moreover, I got an amazing feedback from Csquare alumni – Niara Ahmed ( who is student at ISB Co 2010 and Amit. )

Thus, being a rational human being I cherry picked Csquare among the mediocre rest!

Csquare is Certainly the master in GMAT Preparation.

Sometime during august 2009: My entrepreneurial journey needed a big leap and MBA was the best way forward. I spent 4 full years to decide about my GMAT journey. I was exhausted… Csquare was the booster, which empowered my entrepreneurial journey by helping me to tame the GMAT bull.

Empowering GMAT dreams

§ Right from Day 1 when I met Rashmi, there was lots of “positive energy” around. I strongly feel this seeded confidence in me to crack GMAT.

§ The strong foundations laid in the class helped me to understand the basics and mend my mistakes.

§ The repeated, exhaustive practice tests empowered me to get rid of “fear of committing silly mistakes in objective-type exam”.

§ The techniques taught were undoubtedly simple, whacky and effective. Unarguably, these techniques helped me to optimize time in GMAT.

§ There was string focus on “Individual development”. It was indeed great to be in a small batch of 10.

§ Test Taking Strategies made me to think and perceive GMAT is ridiculously easy.

Empowering Admissions dreams

§ Hours of 1-1 classes on admissions was impeccable. Those sessions not only gave me a headstart to applications process but also guided me to the right path for ISB. Even though I had a great profile, I wasn’t clear how to sell my USP. Vinitha & her admissions team at Csquare did a commendable job by analyzing my profile and mentoring me at every stage till I landed at ISB.

Empowering my Life

§ The eclectic Csquare students and the “GMAT ecosystem” at Csquare indeed brought a new “me” in me.

§ I have not only made some of the best friends of life through Csquare but also carry the same positive energy, which I have evidently seen in whole of Csquare family!

I am strongly inclined to giving back to the system. I will spend substantial amount of time in sharing my knowledge about essay writing and admissions to Csquare students. My extensive knowledge of essays and admissions that I gained through Csquare Admissions team, will be put to best use in Csquare! I will be more than happy to give sessions on “How to get into ISB”.

Before I finish my stint in ISB, I will write a research report on “Market potential for GMAT coaching in India”, which will be exclusively presented for Csquare. I feel it’s a nice way to say “thank you” for folks who helped me realize my dream of “cracking GMAT conundrum”.

I would like to be a good-will ambassador of Csquare and help in all fronts for marketing Csquare.