Friday, December 18, 2015

GMAT student Review on Csquare Learnings

Thanks CSQRL folks. Those who are currently pursuing your preparation with CSQRL, I would advise you follow what the faculty says religiously and you should see the results. Off course you will have to practice :-)

My GMAT experience has been an interesting and tedious one. I wrote first on Aug 4th and when I think in retrospective I was a lot more prepared that day, but it was just one of those bad days!!

The first thing I did coming out of the GMAT center was that I booked a GMAT date :-) i.e. on 14th Sep at Hyderabad!! And all those days in between I punished myself by not going out, did not party a single night, no movies ... So yeah since my preparation didn’t help the GMAT devta in the first go at least he [I guess it is a male; Females are not this rude and cruel normally] accepted my sacrifice of fun and finally now I can put the yellow color OG out of my bedroom!!

So, to the cut the long short, make your first attempt count. If you are scoring in 670-720 reason, put that extra bit of effort in practicing all OGs and stuff cause believe me 2nd attempt sucks!!

A Note:  Do work out a few hexagon area problems. I mean only knowing the area of a regular hexagon will help. I got this problem in the first attempt, and I am such an a** that I did not bother to look up the formula before the second attempt as well, and well you guessed it ryt, got a simillar kinda problem in GMAT-!!

 At the end just wana thank my trainers and CSQRL for all the support and motivation.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Aspiring Business School Applicants Increasingly Use GRE® Scores

Students around the world looking to earn their MBA or specialized master’s degree in business are increasingly turning to the GRE® program. Our GRE students enrollment data suggests the same at koramangala Center , Bangalore.  Below are the details as provided by 

Friday, November 20, 2015

GMAT student Review at CsquareLearnings

A heart felt feedback from one our GMAT student Rajatha Prabhakar. I had to share it, as it reminds me of why I do what I do @CsquareLearnings – @RashmiPGowda

"I am convinced that anything I say cannot do full justice of truly reflecting what a great learning experience it has been for me personally and of course with respect to all aspects of GMAT. I am fortunate to have met and been tutored by @KalyanCChamarthi. I hit jackpot with him, as he has not only given me his undivided attention and equipped me to able to ace the test but in the process you have made me realize my true potential by instilling in me the confidence to take on any kind of challenges that life may throw at me. This very approach, as you said, can be reflected on GMAT too and I hope that I can very soon accomplish a top score as a testimony to his inspiring guidance and mentorship. "