Thursday, February 17, 2011

GMAT feedback of GMAT Student @ Csquare Learnings-GMAT/GRE Institute

"I decided to appear for GMAT sometime in August 2009. Some of my friends suggested that I look up for some good institute for preparing for GMAT. Initially, I thought that I could manage it on my own. So, I started to prepare for it on my own. My job was hectic enough at that time and managing GMAT preparations proved to be quite a challenge and I felt like I was beating around the bush without much progress. I then decided to look for some guidance. I tried to look for institutes in Bangalore through internet and found Csquare right at the top of my search. I looked through various forums and most of them were unanimous in their view that Csquare has the best to offer when it comes to GMAT. Hence, I took the leap of faith and joined Csquare. Right after the first class (on SC), all my doubts melted away and I was sure that I have come to the right place. This feeling got re-inforced more and more as I attended more and more classes.

On the verbal front, the strategies taught in the class for SC worked really well for me. Towards the end of my preparation, I was getting almost all SC questions right within the manageable time and all that was just by blindly following the "GMATically correct" SC rules taught in the class. The strategies offered for RC were also quite unique and if one really followed them, there was little chance of going wrong. I did my best to practice that and I got comfortable with it as the time progressed. On CR, the strategy to classify questions into various types was equally good. However, I somehow paid least attention to practicising CR and thats what probably led to some dip in my verbal score.

On Quantitative front, I found the strategies taught in the class very helpful in solving the questions quickly and accurately. Specially,with the kind of approach taught to solve DS questions it was really difficult to go wrong there. Quant is not just about solving a question, it is also about solving it quick enough and with least amount of effort and that is what was taught to us in the quant class. The classes were quite focussed and dealt with a very good pool of questions. So, quant became friendly by the end of it all.

I ultimately managed to score 710 (Quant - 50, Verbal - 36). I would like to thank Csquare for all the assistance and support. Special thanks to Rashmi and Kirtin for all their help and motivation."

Sushant jain