Friday, December 3, 2010

GMAT e-Learning | Csquare Learnings

Dear Students,

We at Csquare are focused on how our students benefit galore form changing
technology as we redesign the delivery of GMAT strategies and also make
accountability a key part of the whole process. Csquare Learnings brings to
you an E-learning module for Sentence correction for you to revise and
rewind your thoughts on the Sentence correction rules. Like no other
training form, e-learning promises to provide you complete training
conveniently at off-hours or from home or a time that suits you.

We have launched this product and is available for all our previous and
current students to avail benefits from these free modules. Below is a link,
which will give you access to the pre-recorded Sentence correction classes.
This link will be available free of cost for the next few days only. So
please take advantage of this and we will be grateful to you if you can help
us with your feedback on the same, for us to serve you better.

Our E-learning sessions are developed with individualized self-paced modules
to suit the needs of both slow and quick learners. You can access the
learning resource multiple number of times over days and hence it reduces
stress and increases satisfaction.

We invite you and your friends to be a part of this high resolution
endeavor. Csquare learnings always has and will strive to serve all the GMAT
aspirants in the best possible way. Your support will help us do a better
job. Thank you for your valuable time.

Thank you!