Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GMAT Score(690)---->XLRI (with Csquare Learnings-GMAT Training Center @ Bangalore,Hyderabad and Delhi)

Hi MBA Aspirants,

I wanted to write this mail a long time back since I got a confirmed offer from XLRI Jamshedpur for their 1 year GMP program but just could not find the time. Now that this is due for a long while and I sincerely feel what I am going to write down, I knew I had to do it now.

Just to give you some background about me:

I am an Electronics Engineer by qualification but was in IT when the MBA bug bit me firmly in 2008. I had planned it some years back but got busy with my job. It was my wife, a doctor by profession who gave me the confidence to go with it again and hence I started looking out for GMAT coaching. This got me connected to Csquare Learnings. Before I go any further let me furnish the details of GMAT and colleges I applied to.

GMAT: 630,650,690

Average Acads

Total Work Experience: 6 years 8 months,1 year of entrepreneurship experience


Great Lakes

XLRI: got an admit to GMP 1 year program

The journey was a satisfying experience overall starting with Maths coaching from Rashmi and English from Kirtin.

I found everyone very dedicated and hard working be it Rashmi, Reddy, Vinita Maam or Kalyan himself. This is the only reason I could keep myself egging on when I faltered badly on my initial 2 attempts at GMAT. They all gave me the confidence and motivation that I can do well. In the end, I could not cross the magical figure of 700 and I was a bit disappointed but then I knew I had given it my all.

I had decided to go for the Admission assistance course and enrolled for the essay writing and mock interview sessions with Vinita Maam. This was the phase during my preparation when I got to know about myself. The document that Vinita Maam gives to know about yourself and your profile is something that gives you an exact picture of what you have done in your personal and professional life. I made one mistake of not allowing Maam to identify the best colleges for me in India itself because I made that decision too late but fortunately I didn't had to pay for it. Essay writing session began with me not knowing what to write and how to write but Maam gave the confidence to go for it and was patient enough to correct it always. In the end her patience and persevering with me paid off and I was able to come up with real good essays which didn't look a possibility before I joined the sessions.By this time I was convinced about the Interview session with Maam and it really did a lot of good towards building up my preparation. The mock interviews were relevant and made my confidence of handling the real college interviews many notches up. By the time I ended my interview, I was completely satisfied and convinced that, Had I not joined the course and didn't have Vinita Maam's guidance I would not have been able to write a good application to various MBA colleges. My wife who was a witness to this journey had the same opinion. It is a pity that I could not meet everyone from CSquare in person, particularly Vinita Maam before joining in XLRI because of unforeseen hospitalisation of my Dad.

Pardon me if I wrote such a big mail and believe me I am not in habit of writing such long mails, but all that I have written is completely true. I am completely convinced that my stint has played a major role in getting me to XLRI and particularly the brain storming sessions with Vinita Maam. Now I know the importance of those sessions and the reason why Maam puts a high value to those sessions.

Thank you all for the support provided to me during my course and bringing me to this platform of MBA. I hope I can justify the confidence shown by all of you at CSquare in me.


Giri Shankar

XLRI GMP 2010-2011