Thursday, December 3, 2009

Csquare Learnings-Student Feedback-GMAT Score 700

I approached Csquare Learnings after I got a GMAT score of 600. It was around 1st week of Aug 09. My score was 30 verbal and 42 Quant. I had initially planned for just 10 hrs of classes, which I planned to finish in two weeks. But due to professional commitments I gave long gaps between classes in the first month. We pretty much pulled up in September.

Though initially I had thought that I needed help with just verbal but at CSquare I realised that the standard of quant required in GMAT has to be really high. The average score in CSquare was 49. So I took additional 5 hrs for quant to make my concepts strong. This really prepared me well. Now the training was over and I had to practice. Here again I ended up giving a 20 day gap in the beginning of Oct 09. My standards went plummeting once I went out of touch with my trainer but I kept doing the official guides. My timing was at its worst by the end of the 20 days. On 21st Oct 09 my trainer asked me to remain at CSquare and practice whole day. This was the point that gave me the boost in my preparation.

For eight days I practiced religiously and discussed my difficulty areas with my CSQRL trainer. I implemented the suggestions deliberately. Following the FIRE strategy in RC ensures a lot of success. It is better to follow the strategies religiously as told.

I believe CSquare Learnings gave me a truly personalized attention and helped me make a personal strategy keeping in mind my strengths and weaknesses. By the end of the eight days I realized that I was peaking and this was also the time when I was giving my best in terms of time and attention. I was practicing around 10-12 hrs a day. I consulted my trainer and decided to take GMAT on 30 Oct 09 as I knew I can't sustain this performance for long. I guess besides everything thing else, taking the test at the right time also matters a lot. You should be able to identify when you are at your peak performance. After my test I have come across a few friends who were not guided as well as me and they waited too long before taking the test. Although, initially they were scoring much better than me but on the final day they spoiled their scores.

I am fortunate that I got the right guidance at the right time and Csquare’s personal attention that helped me reach my goal in just 8 days!!


Mayank- 700 (Q48 V38)